Robert Neumark-Jones got his (first) name years before being born, after his mum dreamt that Bob Dylan pressured her into naming a child after him. Born with a similarly curly bob (Bob), and on Shakespeare’s birthday, Robert naturally claimed authorship of both geniuses works. When that lost momentum (though he still hasn’t given up), he turned his hand to his own writing and performing.

In 2010 he made his Edinburgh debut in Stop, Look, Listen, which was selected for the NSDF 2011 Festival and for which he received the top NSDF Commendation for acting. The 2012 festival saw the debut play by his own theatre company Ninth Life, of which Howard Brenton is honorary patron. “The Questionnaire” co-written with and co-starring Christopher Birks, played the whole month to rave reviews. He has also acted with Sunday’s Child in two productions, including the award-winning Kiss Me and You Will See How Important I Am. He has performed in Moscow, Dublin, Athens, New York and Balham. He is constantly back and forth between New York and London, the two greatest cities in the world. Robert acts, gardens and continues to perform stand up, and write plays. He trained in Moscow at the world renowned Vakhtangov Institute, and recently graduated as a scholarship student from Drama Centre London. Contact him. He’ll like you.

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